The Booth.


Lumos is an open-air booth that is a completely customizable experience taking your wedding or event to the next level. We provide high-resolution photos, custom template designs, modern backdrops, fun props, and unlimited 2x6 strip prints for your guests to take home as a keepsake!


Our booth is touch screen and self-service. We provide a friendly attendant to make sure guests have the best experience walking through to take their photos. 


Our social media feature allows guests to instantly share their photos with friends. Love gifs? We do too! With our gif feature, you can take multiple shots and create an Instagram-ready motion picture. 


Unlimited 2x6 Strip Prints

We print out two copie of every set of photos your guests take. So they take one home and you get a strip for your memory book!

Videos (up to 15 seconds)

From short 'Congrats!' messages to lengthy virtual toasts, your guests will love the video option! (Videos will be sent to you at event)

Boomerangs & GIFs

You know, those short little moving photos. 

Fun Props

With 40+ fun party props and 20+ wedding ones, there's never-ending possibilities for a one-of-a-kind photo.

Email / SMS Copies

The only photo booth capable of sending all content (photos, GIFs, videos, and boomerangs) straight to yours and your guests' devices in real time!

Customized Templates

We work with you weeks before your event date to create the perfect custom template for your strip prints. From your company logo to the same artwork you used on your invites, theres always a great template to create.